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I wrote a song today.

"Haunted" the song lyrics I wrote today.

“I wonder what would happen if,
everyone just told the truth,
Would everything get better or,
would things just get much more aloof,
I can’t see straight anymore,
I am staring out an open door,
But I can’t cross the threshold,
I can’t leave you alone…

Do we need to go our separate ways,
Or try to work it out?
Do we need to stop acting like kids,
Or fight and scream and shout?
What would make you happy?
That is all I ever wanted,
But now I just can’t seem to breathe,
Save me ’cause I’m haunted…

I wonder what life would be like
if we could just forget, Would
things go back to how they were,
Or would we just cease to exist…
I don’t know what we’re fighting for,
I’m lying here on the hardwood floor,
Begging for some clarity,
All these lies are scaring me,

Do we need to go our separate ways,
Or try to work it out?
Do we need to stop acting like kids,
Or fight and scream and shout?
What would make you happy?
That is all I ever wanted,
But now I just can’t seem to breathe,
Save me ’cause I’m haunted…

If you think I am so awesome,
Could you do this one thing for me,
Tell me what’s really going on,
Don’t try to make me happy

I know something is going down,
I don’t want to be stuck where I am,
But until I know for sure what is,
I am fighting in sinking sand…

Let me move on,
Tell me what’s wrong,
Let me move on,
Tell me what’s wrong,

I am tired of this mess!!!

I want to go our separate ways,
I want to work it out,
I want to stop acting like kids,
I want to scream and shout,

I am haunted…
This isn’t what I wanted…

I wonder what would happen
if we would all just tell the truth…”

I’ve been going through a lot of stress lately, and I’ve really been thinking about what happens when frienships dissolve. This is the product of my venting.

Happy Adventures,


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Something FUNNY! This Way Comes

Wow! What a breath of fresh air this morning was. I did not hear my alarm yelling at me to get out of bed, I slept until noon, and I am able to walk around liesurely in my pajamas while I clean and work around the house. I’ve been listening to music, talking to my family, made myself a delicious lunch, and simply catching up around here. I’ll be working on homework as well, and I can’t wait to read more in my Art History book. 🙂 Last night I was browsing and I was looking at her “PW Photography Assignment” for FUNNY! and let me tell you it was great. Some of those pictures made my day, and I’m going to choose my favorites and let you view them here. By all means you should take a look around Ree Drummond’s wonderful blog, and even comment on each photographer’s photograph on Tumblr. You will be able to go directly to that image on Tumbler by clicking on the image. You’re welcome!

This picture is by Mc-Squared and it immediately tugged on my heartstrings and my funny bone. 🙂 It's a keeper!

This photograph is by baresilver and I cracked up laughing because I've been there. Well, not actually there, but I've been so tired I am surprised I haven't fallen asleep in my Cheerios.

Taken by dulcinea4413 I think this is a work of art. Truly, deeply, and magically it touches my soul. It is SO pure, and SO amazing because I am not the one who has to clean that window. 😀 I wonder if this picture would have the same effect with a 20 or 30 year old pressed up to the glass...

Ilse1896 captured this, and I want to thank that creative soul. This is SPECTACULAR! 🙂 Not only is it cute, free-spirited, well-planned, witty, and fun it is also of such wonderful quality! Beautiful!

Truly there are many more incredible photographs that you will just need to see to believe. 🙂 The amazing quality and humor really affected me this time around. Then again, I am never dissappointed on Ree’s blog. I can’t wait until her cookbook comes in at the library for me. I’ll still probably end up buying it after I read it, but I just want to look at it and feel it and drool over it. Okay, so maybe I won’t drool over it since it is a library book but I definitely will end up salivating over the glorious recipes and photography! And I’ll probably pee my pants laughing at her exceptional humor. This could get messy, folks!

I’ve been listening to Pam Noah CD’s again. Something about her voice and the smooth jazz and big band music that makes me feel like I’m on top of the world! It’s really amazing to have my iPod on shuffle and listen to relatively mainstream styles of music such as Paramore, Katy Perry, and Linkin Park to suddenly hear trumpets playing and a strong powerful voice belting out a timeless melody. I also love listening to the “Enchanted” and “Wicked” soundtracks. Music is a beautiful art form and I enjoy dabbling in all sorts of styles and tastes, as well as eras.

 Tonight I am looking forward to Cross Point Arcade at church, where a group of people comes together to play video games and socialize with snacks and music blaring. Ahhh… life is a beautiful thing!

Happy Adventures,

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Living Like Neanderthals

This morning hit me like a balloon popping in my face, and I was up and out of my house in all of twenty-five minutes. I don’t remember what I was dreaming about, but it was pulling me so far into my sleeping world that when my alarm clock screamed into my ear I quite literally jumped out of bed and forgot the whole thing. In a flurry I started my morning routine by putting my iPhone’s music list on shuffle at full volume (I was most definitely not using headphones) while I found my neatly laid out wardrobe selection and brushed my hair. I gazed into my sleepy reflection and decided to take an extra minute to apply mascara so I might seem more awake. Brushing my teeth was pretty standard, and I grabbed a cup of cheerios to go and found my packed lunch and dinner by the front door with my book for class and my purse. I am sure I was caught up with a few other things this morning, but it feels a world away and I am not going to bother myself with remembering those things. 

Today while at work we experienced plenty of interesting surprises. Two that stick out in my head were when we lost water for an hour, and when the computer system went down about half an hour before we closed. The lack of water was a spectacle of sorts; we made signs, had to get a gallon of water so we could make Kool-Aid for the homeschool program that was starting in less than half an hour, and even found ourselves pulling patrons into the back who had soap on their hands before reading the signs we made so we could assist them in washing the soap off their hands with one of the jugs of water. It was much like camping, and I found the whole thing wildly amusing. The system that we use to check materials in and out and browse patron records decided to go down as well, which was an adventure in and of itself. Luckily we knew what we needed to do in that situation and it was handled well. We were almost pre-historic at the library today (all fun of course!). 

Class went exceptionally well today; I was very intrigued by a lot of what we talked about, and things we learned. We watched a clip from “How Art Made The World” and it was simply breathtaking for me. Growing up I was always seeing references to pre-historic people (“cave men” or “neanderthals”) and their art that I simply brushed off as cave drawings, nothing more than something like the art of a child. I was fascinated by the simplistic beauty, and even the paint and different colors that were found in caves. Even more than my excitement by how beautiful the art really was, my eyes were once again opened to how little I know about the world and it’s history. Cave drawings were discovered in Autumn 1879 by a 9 year old girl named Maria while she was exploring Altamira with her father, amateur archeologist and Spanish nobleman Marcelino Sanz de Sautuloa. While he knew that these exceptional works of art were surely pre-historic still others claimed it could be nothing more than fraud, and he was either the victim or the culprit. Sanz de Sautuloa stood by his decision and ultimately died without getting to see numerous other caves with similar forms of art all over the world. It was determined that these cave drawings were authentically pre-historic after all! I really have a lot to learn and I am very excited about it. 

Image found on :)

Isn't it beautiful?

There was something pure about the cave art, perhaps because it was around before all of the propaganda of money and media and politics. Possibly it was so pure because it was hidden away so deep in the caves, or maybe the narrow locations for the art was just to protect it from weather damage. Pablo Picaso said in reference to the cave art, “We have learned nothing.” I believe that is true, and I greatly desire to learn as much as I can. 

Happy Adventures,

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The First Misadventure

I suppose that calling this “The First Misadventure” is not very valid seeing as I have had many misadventures in my life, the first of all was simply being born. I do not go into detail about my birth, or my childhood, or other unnecessary fluff in this blog post, rather I introduce myself and since today was simply mediocre I decided to share a little about yesterday. Here is to looking up and marching onward in the direction of future growth!

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I’m Tweeting (Yikes!)

  • So, I started going by my middle name in college because I've always liked it better. Now I'm RenĂ©e, and can be tweeted at "teafaellana." 3 years ago
  • I keep reading fanfics to tide me over until #OUaT is back. I can't wait to see more character development of Regina! #EvilRegals 4 years ago
  • This has somehow been the best and worst Thanksgiving I've ever had, all at once. 4 years ago

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