What in the world could I title this post? Motormouthed Ramblings.

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So today has been a fabulous day! 😀 I woke up slightly before my alarm went off, and I actually felt like bouncing out of bed and onto the tasks of the day. Really nothing I had to do today was difficult at all, and since it was a day off I mostly got to relax (even though I had things that needed to be done, such as cleaning, but we are going to ignore those for the sake of this blog!). The first thing I did was take a drink of water and begin some basic vocal warm-ups, or at least try to… 😉 I felt a little froggy this morning because of the dust from our bathroom being remodeled. I traveled to my voice lesson and really feel like it was a good lesson. I learned some new techniques, I felt more comfortable singing today than a couple weeks ago, I got two fun new vocal excercises, and there was plenty of laughter. I had somehow managed to forget my cell phone and because of that I wasn’t able to check my calendar to see when we could have the next lesson, but we agreed that we would figure it out over e-mail.

I had an interesting journey home that involved the mini-van deciding to STOP running out of the blue, until I tried starting it again and it magically worked. I drove home for the rest of the 40 minute drive concerned I would end up stuck somewhere without a cell phone to call anyone for hours. Luckily, that didn’t happen and I made it home safe. ^_^’ That was such a relief!

Once arriving home I spent some time (off and on) on the drawing of the face that is in the previous post. That was such a wonderful feeling, until my eyes started to burn from staring at all the little details for too long. LOL

Earlier in this posty-wosty I mentioned our bathroom being remodeled. This is especially significant for our household because for the past sixteen years we have only had one bathroom and it was located in the basement, meaning it did not count toward the value of the house, and when being sold our house would be considered bathroomless. 😦 Bummer. ANYWAY, it is FINALLY being repaired and redone, and I cannot wait until it is finished. We might have a second bathroom by Christmas, and it will probably be my new favorite room in the entire house. Maybe all of the furniture and stuff with actually match! I could paint something to hang on the wall too… HUZZAH! ^o~ 😛

And we went to Gram’s house and prepared dinner for her, and for my Drew (her husband). We also made enough for ourselves and ate with them as a family, and it was very nice. Normally we have these sorts of dinners every Monday, but the two of them are prepared to embark on a journey tomorrow morning and will not be here Monday for dinner. We decided to crash their house this evening and spend some time with them before they left. I ate a few too many spoonfuls of mashed potatos. >_< They were sooooooooooo good. I loved them.

I am still waiting to find out what my grade is from class, but I have hopeful feelings that I passed. Hopefully. 😀 -fingers crossed- I am really hoping that I got an A because I am a perfectionist, but passing would be better than failing! ❤

And I am hoping I get to watch Black Swan sometime soon. :]

Zay-Ay-la-zah-a-la-zay-a-la-zah-a-la-zay-a-la-zah-a-la-zay-a-la-zaaah… :B (>:B)

Happy Adventures,


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A face, or my attempt at one. In the crazy mess of life, love is subtle. Until it’s gone. Then it becomes everything.

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