In the crazy mess of life, love is subtle. Until it’s gone. Then it becomes everything.

December 4, 2010 at 12:50 AM Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered if sometimes you will miss the point of life because everything else in it is so overwhelmingly, exceedingly, and constantly distracting you? Something that I have learned in my life is that love is subtle, and you don’t always realize that it is floating around in your life until some event happens that shakes it all up. That one moment in your life when everything seems to be falling apart, and you just can’t fix it don’t know how to fix it. Walls are crumbling, tears are falling, hearts are breaking, and you ask yourself “Where is the love?” And that is when it hits you. LOVE! Love is the answer.

Somebody or something that you loved with or without realizing it re-claimed that love, or did something that hurt you, or something heart-wrenching happened and that love disappeared. Maybe you watch from a distance while somebody you love is being hurt, ignored, ridiculed, talked about, bullied, or even abused. Maybe you are seeing things up close, living in a snowglobe where everything is shaken up and people are able to see everything falling apart but they just don’t quite get it. Or maybe it’s like a screenplay, and you act like everything is fine when it is all falling apart. You have forgotten how to love. You have made yourself numb to the world so you can no longer feel pain, but you also lost happy feelings.

Whether it is you that is hurting or a loved one, just know that there are still good things and people in the world. Try to count your blessings, do your best to live lovingly, and even when you feel down for the count don’t ever give up! Join me in the fight to make love less subtle, before it’s gone!!

Happy Adventures,


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What in the world could I title this post? Motormouthed Ramblings. In Memory Of You

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