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Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?

Discovering this song was an accident, but I am glad I found it. My friend had let me borrow her “P!nk – Greatest Hits… SO FAR!!!” CD and I was playing it the other day while reading a book written by SARK. The amount of perfection that was this song paired with “Inspiration Sandwich” blows me away. Seriously. This is my absolute favorite P!nk song, as it is much more my style. :] I love a good honest, artsy-fartsy, piano/acoustic song. The first time I heard it, I was left with goosebumps and a really big smile. Pair that with my wild imagination and some watercolor paints, you have the mess that is my bedroom today. Oh well!

After hearing this song I decided to give a look to the little booklet with the CD. I have developed a newfound respect for P!nk.

11 years. Wow. 15 if you count from the day I signed my first record contract. I was a 16 year-old, punk-*** little know-it-all, me-against-the-world, I-will-beat-you-down brat. Really I just needed a hug — and some gas money. P!nk

That resonates with me. Still. πŸ˜›

I thank God for every hug I get, and I pray for gas money to fall from the sky (hey, it actually happened once!).

Be yourself, stand out, but ALWAYS remember to love and encourage one another,

Happy Adventures,


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My Creative Process for “Love.Dreams.Art”

I just did this for practice, and like with most of my traditional media projects I decided to take photographs throughout the steps. Probably because I am a photography junkie, and because I like learning from myself and being able to see where I started liking a picture and where I stopped liking a picture. That usually tells me what I need to work on. πŸ˜› Often by the time I am looking at a finished piece it is hard to remember what it looked like before it got that way, so the pictures are nice. Here they are! If you learn something from just looking at my photographs I will be impressed because there really isn’t anything skillful about it, and I am not really giving instructions. I didn’t use maskingat all, and the “color pencil sketch” in the beginning phases was done with watercolor pencils.

I still have a long way to go. πŸ™‚

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Who designed that park bench you are lounging on? (Art is Everywhere!)

I love reading a good blog that makes me think, makes me smile, and supports what I support (tell me who doesn’t love that!). I have to thank Sally A from “Musings of a Middle School Arts Teacher” for her post titled “Art is Everywhere!”. This resonated with me with such great force I knew that I needed to re-blog it when I got the chance to.

I have been talking about these ideas for over half of my life, so it hit very close to home. I truly believe that there is art in everything. I even venture to say that there is Human Artwork and then there is God’s Artwork, and the only thing left is nonexistent because if we didn’t create it and God didn’t create it, it isn’t here.

Everything in life is truly a work of inexplicable, beautiful, set-apart-from-the-world, art.

Read Sally’s original post and then tell me what you think (after you tell her of course). Let’s discuss the creative minds behind the spoon, or the spork (especially the spork!). Let’s think about the creative process behind the TV you use on an almost-daily basis. Let’s fry our brains by processing the art of wiring air conditioners (trust me, this is an art form, I have done it).

Wake up, open your eyes and ears, soak up the beauty and creativity that surrounds you!

Art is Everywhere! Art is everywhere.Β  It is in everything we use, see or express.Β  The art we experience is the art created by millions of people who express creativity through design.Β  These are people who move beyond traditional models of art.Β  They have all been practicing artists.Β  Because of their commitment, training and creativity, we are so immersed in the arts we aren't … Read More

via Musings of a Middle School Arts Teacher

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The Post About How Amazing My Watercolor Class Was! (Includes Crappy Photographs of some Paintings)

Well, first of all I have to say that this Watercolor class was exceptional. Everyone was superbly talented, and the professor was incredibly good at his job. He was so great at showing us the different techniques, and he was also very accepting of our own unique styles. Some people in the class seemed to think that I have a style, but I told them that I think they are crazy. All of my art looks so different from each other! I long for the day that I actually have a “style”. Nevermind about that, I actually really enjoy just painting whimsically however and whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, here is a handful of what I ended up with after class was over. Some of the matted pieces I have already given away so I don’t have photographs of them. Sorry!

I love the last one (the bookmark) and I actually use it as a bookmark. Soon I am going to find some ribbon and beads and make a cute little “dangly majig” to go in the hole I punched.

I really love wet-into-wet watercolor. It is so freeing and soothing.

Someday I am going to make use of what I am learning about Watercolors and I am going to do great things. I am going to inspire people. I can feel it in my bones. Even if I am never the greatest technician, even if I never sell a masterpiece (or anything), even if my art only ever makes it to my blog, even if it isn’t my art that does the inspiring, I will inspire people. I want to live my life in such a way that people realize how wonderful life is.

Happy Adventures,

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Character Sketch & Art Tumblr

So I have a character sketch, only of the face though. The lighting is wonky (seriously, is it coming from the right or the left?!?) because my planning was poor in the sketching… but I will fix it, so don’t worry. This is just for practice and planning purposes. I decided to just take a whack at it and sketch freely.

I have plans for this character, someday…

Arienwen is an elf girl, you see. She is curious and a little wild, with a pure heart. She dances with fairies and has a strong sense of justice. She is my very own princess. If I get my butt doing what it needs to, you will be learning more about Arien later. She is of course always growing, morphing, changing, and improving. She has been floating around in my head for about four years now.

ALSO, I figured that since I created a place to share my photography (in case people are only interested in my photography instead of all my ridiculous ramblings) I could create a place to dump my art for people’s viewing pleasures! I created it on Tumblr, since Tumblr is a nice easy-to-use, no hassle, quick little number for uploading my completed works of art and my sketches.

It is exactly what I called it earlier, an Art Dump. I will be putting random doodles, sketches, works in progresses, practices, different references I am using, music I am listening to for inspiration, and different education sources relating to art. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t, but I decided to go for it.

I will not be updating this Tumblr in any regular pattern, rather I will be updating it whenever I feel like sharing my random creative works.

Visit [H] Art Miss

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Greet the World with a Smile (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

OH MY! This looks like a lot of fun… I’m going to have a blast with this! πŸ˜€ Thank you for blogging about this Jaclyn.

And in case you haven’t visited her blog yet, you really should head on over to Jaclyn Rae’s blog and smile awhile. At least, that is what I do when I visit her blog.

Greet the World with a Smile

via Jaclyn Rae's Blog

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Inspiration Rocks

Well, many of you will read the title of this post and assume I am just saying that inspiration rocks. While this is true, inspiration does indeed rock, that is not what I am conveying in my title. Or at least, it is not what I am trying to convey. Imagine for a moment a world all your own, constructed of lots of rocks. Each rock has a purpose in your life. Some rocks are set in your path to make you stop and think, some rocks come tumbling down great big hills to make you run faster, some rocks seem to land right on top of you and squish everything out of you so you can be filled with new life. Some rocks can be used to build a unique combination of rocks, or a dwelling place.

Where do you dwell?

Do you dwell in love? Anger? Confusion? Worry? Doubt? Dreams? Joy? Patience? Greed?

What about inspiration? I want to LIVE in inspiration. I want to soak it up like Bounty-Quicker-Picker-Upper. πŸ˜‰

I feel so liberated when I become inspired, truly and deeply inspired. I have found that in my life some things inspire me more than others, and some people have really started inspiring me lately. Sometimes there are people who know just what will inspire me and they give me an inspiration rock. They carry this rock around with them until they can give it to me.

I have so much gratitude for everyone who has ever carried around an inspiration rock to give me. Even if they don’t know they were carrying it for me, I think they were. Maybe that is because I am self-centered… πŸ˜› Well, at least I am honest.

Other times I don’t always see these pesky little devils, and I find myself stumbling on an inspiration rock. This can leave me slightly disoriented, and unsure of which way to go, but I end up rolling (and rocking) with it until I end up somewhere fabulous and the inspiration just flows right on out.

The “inspiration rock” for this blog was loaned to me by a dear friend, and it is also called The Bodacious Book of Succulence by SARK.

OH if ever a book were meant for me, I think it is this one (the same thing I say about most books I read, if I were to be totally honest with you). I’ve only made it to page 29 and already my head is reeling with ideas and laughter and self-love. When this happens I just want to spread the ideas, laughter, and love around. Like butter- I really, really like butter. The only thing that spreads easier than butter is honest inspiration (or horrible gossip, but we’re trying to stay positive here)!

This phone line consistently presents the miracles of our collective unconscious and how connected we all are. It’s so full of serendipity!
One woman said, “I call to get the love. Sometimes they are the kindest words I hear all day.”
The messages contain my love, which I will continually share, even though I don’t “know” the callers. Aren’t we funny to wait to show love until we “know” another– as if we ever can?
The messages I receive are almost all warm, funny, or positive– I especially appreciate people’s sadnesses or tears– these are gifts of the soul, and certainly inspirational. Inspiration is not only positive.
We are all so indelibly connected.

There are so many things that I love about the above excerpt.

Why is it that we wait to share the love that is overflowing inside of us with people until we “know” them? Are we nervous? Scared? Afraid that it will seem weird? Have we been rejected that many times that we really have to stop and think before offering up this piece of ourselves?

Another thing I love about that section of the book is how she openly says that not all inspiration is positive. HALLELUJAH! Finally, those are the magic words I have been needing. I know that I draw inspiration from many things, hardships and pain included. What I loved about that was how connected it made me feel to the author. Inspiration is not only positive. I always feel like I don’t inspire enough people who inspire me, because all I seem to do is talk about struggles or frustrations. Maybe one of my crazy ranting stories left somebody feeling inspired.

I cannot wait to absorb this book– although I don’t plan on sleeping with it under my head at work. πŸ˜‰

Live succulent lives! And pick up this book.

(It would be even more rockin’ if my rock illustrations actually looked like rocks instead of Jell-O)

Happy Adventures,

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