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Computer Issues

Just so everyone is aware that I am still alive, my personal computer at home is currently… not accesible. This means I will not be on the computer nearly as much, and I have not been able to read all of your wonderful blogs lately! I am so sorry!

Thank goodness for libraries!

Happy Adventures,


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10 years old, 9 years ago.

Some of the few photographs of my childhood that Mom actually lets me keep/have/use/touch/look at. 😛 I figured that since I will be 20 this summer I would find some pictures from when I was 10 and post them for laughs.

It turns out that except for inches and pounds (and the fact that I am not taking ballet anymore) I haven’t changed all that much.

The funniest part about that last picture is that I don’t even eat pepperoni, but I was willing to sacrifice not eating the pizza just to give it a smiley face. It has a mushroom nose and pineapple pupils. OH BOY! I really haven’t changed much… when will I ever become practical?

Oh look at that focus… to this day one of the rare times I am focusing is when I am “creating” or “innovating”. Arts and crafts will always be a deep part of who I am.

Happy Adventures,

April 27, 2011 at 8:51 AM 2 comments

The Angry Post

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I really didn’t know what to call this, so I am just going to call it the angry post. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes certain things or people really tick me off. I mean, like, I get M-A-D. I become furious on the inside, but I bury it a lot because I don’t like being angry (though I don’t hide it well since I usually end up sitting in a silent rage, with color splotching on my face and my temperature physically starting to rise). I don’t like being angry because I try to realize that sometimes people just don’t understand. I do love the release of letting my fury and frustrations out, but actually being angry and the act of carrying out anger in a foolish or childish manner only makes me upset with myself.

Well, this time I am angry at myself for NOT showing my anger. I am angry at myself for NOT standing up for something. I did not have to be rude, or shout, or make a huge scene, but I could have said something. I could have asked, “Why do you say that?” Maybe I could have used this moment of frustration to teach and/or learn. I could have been an example for love, kindness, and still getting the point across peacefully. Instead I zipped my lips (of all moments? Really?) and let it go- I missed my opportunity.

Let me just say this: we all have flaws, imperfections, worries, and weaknesses. That does not give us the right to pick on another person for their own shortcomings. It is not funny, and we can make a difference. Next time we want to open our mouths to point out the mistakes of others, can we find a way to do it in love instead of in the dark? Or what if somebody can’t control what we point out? Would we think it was very grand if somebody made fun of us for having arms? No, I didn’t think so. Remember that next time you feel like pointing out somebody’s “lack” of something (or even “extra” something, for all we know) with hateful words and laughter. Anytime somebody “lacks” something, they are that much stronger somewhere else. Isn’t it true that the blind man has excellent senses otherwise? The blind man often sees what we cannot. And HECK, this person might not actually be “lacking” a dang thing anyway. You might think so, but I venture to say that they have been blessed.

Bask in Your Imperfections,

April 25, 2011 at 11:42 AM 1 comment


You are special. You are loved. You are enough. ❤ You are uniquely you. You have a gift. You are everything you have ever needed to be and ever will need to be. It, whatever it may be, is inside of you. You have it. Nothing and no one can ever take it away from you. It is especially yours. You are full of life. There is a wonder in your heart. There is a solidity in who you are. You are. That is all. 

That doesn’t even cover it.

April 24, 2011 at 2:17 PM 3 comments

Artist Trading Cards

I’ve been really into making these little 2.5 x 3.5 art cards. 😀 I’m diggin’ it. I can just carry them around with me and start doodling or whatever in my rare moments of spare time between activities/work/class.

April 24, 2011 at 12:18 AM 3 comments

Wow, it’s a small world!

So the most ridiculously, fabulously, magically wonderful thing happened to me over the past several days. It took a few days to unfurl into the beautiful thing that it is, but it is still one beautiful chain of events. I cannot even begin to comprehend the slim odds of this happening, right at this time, here, NOW.

A woman that I grew up knowing (who I had not seen as much lately, and we’ll call “A” for the sake of this post), one of the most incredible teachers I have ever had (who is probably sick of me lately, we’ll call her “C” because I’m a rebel and feel like listing these out of alphabetical order and happens to be funny), and I (little miss “B” for this post) all played a part in this beautiful mess of tangled and interwoven community. This is how community works.

“B” attended the same church as “A” in Jr. High and really, really got along well with “A”. You could say that “B” looked up to her. “B” got older and busier, “A” got busier, so unfortunately “A” and “B” were not able to spend much time together, if any at all. It wasn’t too bad though, because “A’s” son was around a lot and “B” could always ask how “A” was doing.

Time stretches forward.

“A” and “B” are both attending the same college, the same quarter, with the same professor (you guessed it, “C”). They’re taking different classes though, so they don’t have a clue.

“B” is struggling with thoughts if she is getting too personal with her class project blog, as she is dealing with some personal issues and they started spilling out into her project. “B” has a conversation with “C” about it, and “C” sends “B” a link to one of “A’s” blog posts from the other class.

(If you are keeping up with all my A’s and B’s you are AMAZING, because I’m already getting a little lost.)

“B” reads it and comments something silly (starting with “…you don’t know me, but…”) because she is so inspired by it. “A” sees “B’s” comment and doesn’t put it together either, and thanks “B” for the kind words. “B” goes ahead and posts what she was originally going to post. Then she goes and reads “A’s” blog post again because she loved it so much.

“B” realizes that there is a strong chance that the author of this blog is “A” so she asks “C” about it, and by-golly it’s the same name that “A” has.

“A” and “B” see each other again for the first time in ages and both embrace in a huge hug while “A” says “…you don’t know me, but…” and they both laugh. They both have so much appreciation and gratitude for each other, and for “C”, and everything seems right in the world.

Boy, it’s small, isn’t it?

Happy Adventures,

April 23, 2011 at 12:11 AM 6 comments

Something About You

🙂 This made my day.

Happy Adventures,

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