The Angry Post

April 25, 2011 at 11:42 AM 1 comment

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I really didn’t know what to call this, so I am just going to call it the angry post. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes certain things or people really tick me off. I mean, like, I get M-A-D. I become furious on the inside, but I bury it a lot because I don’t like being angry (though I don’t hide it well since I usually end up sitting in a silent rage, with color splotching on my face and my temperature physically starting to rise). I don’t like being angry because I try to realize that sometimes people just don’t understand. I do love the release of letting my fury and frustrations out, but actually being angry and the act of carrying out anger in a foolish or childish manner only makes me upset with myself.

Well, this time I am angry at myself for NOT showing my anger. I am angry at myself for NOT standing up for something. I did not have to be rude, or shout, or make a huge scene, but I could have said something. I could have asked, “Why do you say that?” Maybe I could have used this moment of frustration to teach and/or learn. I could have been an example for love, kindness, and still getting the point across peacefully. Instead I zipped my lips (of all moments? Really?) and let it go- I missed my opportunity.

Let me just say this: we all have flaws, imperfections, worries, and weaknesses. That does not give us the right to pick on another person for their own shortcomings. It is not funny, and we can make a difference. Next time we want to open our mouths to point out the mistakes of others, can we find a way to do it in love instead of in the dark? Or what if somebody can’t control what we point out? Would we think it was very grand if somebody made fun of us for having arms? No, I didn’t think so. Remember that next time you feel like pointing out somebody’s “lack” of something (or even “extra” something, for all we know) with hateful words and laughter. Anytime somebody “lacks” something, they are that much stronger somewhere else. Isn’t it true that the blind man has excellent senses otherwise? The blind man often sees what we cannot. And HECK, this person might not actually be “lacking” a dang thing anyway. You might think so, but I venture to say that they have been blessed.

Bask in Your Imperfections,


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  • 1. SURYA  |  April 28, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    great work!!!!!!


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