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I think my blog has ADHD.

  • A few ADHD Symptoms my blog or I seem to have.
    1. Is often forgetful in daily activities
    2. Is easily distracted (my blog has this one BAD!).
    3. Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat.
  • The most common ADHD symptom in my life.
    1. Is often “on the go,” acts as if “driven by a motor,” talks excessively

The funny thing is that I really don’t have ADHD. At least, I do not think that I have it. I’ve never been diagnosed with it, and I seem to have a pretty rockin’ life (well, nobody has a perfect life all the time). I am able to pay attention (to most things, most of the time) and I know when to control myself (also most of the time). How is this different from anyone else? We all have our moments when we just can’t seem to focus, or when our lives are spinning 8 million point five miles per hour. Yeah. That’s fast.

Maybe I have ADHD and maybe I don’t. What I know is this — if I ever end up being diagnosed with ADHD, I will not allow it to run/change my life drastically. I’ve made it almost 20 years without any medication/special treatment/etc. and I don’t want to just give up and say “Well these people (“experts”) say that I have trouble with something so I must have trouble with it.”

I already did that with mathematics, and ever since then I have struggled with math and thought I am not good at it. From now on I am going to be more confident in myself, and I am not going to let somebody completely rule me out of something because their righteousness thinks that I am less capable than another person.

Happy Adventures,


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Muddy Water Sunburns

After spending the better part of yesterday swimming in a pond with my cousin I have the first sunburn that I have had in a really long time. I call it my “Muddy Water Sunburn” and it’s beautiful. Ha ha! It really doesn’t burn all that bad, but it’s burnt just enough that it is like a stamp of the memory on my body. My cousin has one too, from the day before, but it’s worse. Seriously, it looks like somebody (or something) painted her pastel pink — but only on the front. My sunburn is just like little shoulder pad shaped burns on my shoulders and that’s about it.

The last time I had a sunburn was horrible. I passed out twice within one application period of aloe, couldn’t hug people for a whole week (I was traumatized!), had to let my mother change my clothes for me because I couldn’t bend my shoulders at all, and occasionally I would become extremely nauseated. That was my Apocalypse Sunburn. My Muddy Water Sunburn has absolutely nothing on Mr. Apocalypse.

I feel alive. Every time I see or feel my Muddy Water Sunburn I think about swimming in the dirty pond water in the middle of a small county that neighbors my own, with all the area kids there as well, sharing quarters to have enough money to buy one HUGE box of French Fries that we all shared, and basking in the sun. We were truly like a community of people, barely knowing each other but sharing stories and food nonetheless. It was brilliant!

Happy (Sunshine-y) Adventures,

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Education-Gypsy and Part-Time Fairy-Wing-Wearer

My attempt at "Digital Matting" heehee. This painting is watercolor and is titled "Dance Through the Storm". It is by me, some ridiculous 2AM work...

This piece is particularly special to me, and I will always hold it very dear to my heart.

Now that that is out of my system, I so badly want to share with you some experiences of my day!

Today I wandered over to the college after I finished my shift at work, and then I remembered that I had to collect my paintings from the exhibit once I got there. Ha ha! I can’t believe that I forgot I was going to be bringing them back home. It is still hard to believe that I have such beautifully framed artwork, and I painted/collaged it myself. And it’s framed. Beautifully. Yeah, I might be just a little excited. Where in the heck am I supposed to put these two babies though?

I worked on some things that I needed to spend time doing for a little while, gave and received hugs, waved at complete strangers, and smiled a lot. Then something amazing happened in my brain! I decided that I would ask Candee if I could sit in on her speech class, since I really wanted to take a speech class with her but it hasn’t worked out in that direction. I was prepared to learn, I was prepared to laugh, and I was prepared to expect the unexpected (hey, it was Candee’s class after all). I was also very prepared to see my “other mother”, Pam, again and she is in this class. We sat together and somebody asked if I was her daughter. We said yes, mutually. I love her. (hey, Pam, I LOVE YOU!) I was prepared for something amazing. I was not prepared for Candee’s speech class. I was not prepared for the love that just buzzed around the room, I was not prepared for the tears, I was not prepared for the cupcakes, I was not prepared for one of the most moving classroom experiences, and I was not prepared for not being prepared. This doesn’t surprise me though, in hindsight, because Candee has an exceptional way of making everyone in the room feel comfortable and feel like family and it is very similar in our Art History class. I guess I just didn’t know what to expect (again, duh!).

I am so glad that she (Candee) was willing to welcome me into her classroom, and that everyone else was okay with it too. You all seem like such a wonderful group of people, and I am jealous that you all got to know each other without me. C’est la vie!

I decided I would continue the trend of “going to classes that I don’t actually belong to” like an education-gypsy. It was so much fun in that class, why not the next one? Besides, I was informed that I would like it. I didn’t like it.

I loved it.

We watched one of my personal favorite videos, which is a clip from How Art Made the World. We discussed where we came from, and origins. We discussed love and community. We discussed art. The best part was when we created art. Collaging is near and dear to my heart, for always. Maybe that is why I always seem to have hearts in my collages…

I am immersed. I walked out into the rain and I was certain that no matter what, I am going to be the person that I want to be. I am so lucky.

Happy Adventures,

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Building Castles (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

This amazing, fabulous, loving person never ceases to amaze me. This is a message we should ALL receive and believe. Just because we do not see the beauty we create, does not mean we aren’t creating beauty.

Building Castles I told my mom that I don't feel like I'm doing anything important with my life. Her response? "Some of the most beautiful structures were built by people who never saw the results. Just because you're not seeing the impact your life has on others, that doesn't mean God is not using you. Someone's life will be better because of you– even if you never realize it. Trust that your life is a contribution to something beautiful." Isn't that an incredi … Read More

via Jaclyn Rae's Blog

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Storms of Life (A Painting)

"Storms of Life" painted by Heather, watercolor and white gel pen, 9x12

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Giving Fear Permission to Leave

I have learned over this weekend that something incredible happens when you acknowledge your fear, but you don’t hold onto it. You recognize that it is there, look it in the eye, and give it permission to leave. You can talk directly to your fears.

“Fear, do you mind if I call you Lucy? Okay, good. Lucy, you’ve been hanging around me for a long time now and I really think it would be best if you gave yourself a break. Surely you are tired of following me around and constantly reminding me of things I start to forget. I can remember well enough on my own, really. Besides, it won’t kill me if I forget a few of the things that you try so hard to remind me. Like last night, when I told you to go buy me a sandwich while I was performing in spontaneous karaoke. That was a much better use of your time, Lucy. Or how about today while I was falling backwards out of a 50-feet-high doorway and you were down helping my friend make sure she got the best pictures! Sometimes it is nice to have you around because you keep me from doing the really stupid things (like driving into a pond), but you don’t have to be with me all the time or when I am trying to tackle the little things. I have plenty of other friends to be there for me when I am struggling with those, so you really would do better to get a manicure instead.”

Your conversations with your own fears might be a little bit different, but you can still tell your fear to leave you alone. You can get past your own personal Lucy when she just seems to be standing in your way. Also, you don’t always have to climb over your fears… slipping under Lucy’s legs or slipping beside her works too, when you aren’t quite strong enough to go over her completely. Sometimes it is tempting to let Lucy hold your hand, staying in your safety net of fear, holding you back from new things.

Lucy and I get along much better now that I have told her I need some space to grow. I do a lot more than I would have when Lucy and I were constantly together. Lucy doesn’t make a very good karaoke partner, rappelling buddy, or blog editor. She does make a very good babysitter though, when she remembers not to pet the sweaty stuff. 😉

Happy Adventures,
Burkie (minus Lucy)

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Let the ‘Ice Cream Truck Chases’ Begin!

From last night with my first real “Ice Cream Truck Chasedown” of the year (I had a delicious Choco Taco, by the way), this morning at voice lessons, tomorrow morning when I’ll be going with my dad and little brother on a rock climbing and rappelling adventure, to Sunday at a dear friend’s graduation party I am going to thoroughly enjoy this weekend. I am going to live it up. I am going to soak up my surroundings. I am going to be brave. I am going to be whimsical. I am going to use the word whimsical in as many sentences as I can. Whimsical. I am going to create happiness. I am going to be barefoot as much as I can. Whimsically. I am not going to wear make-up. I am not going to brush my hair. I am not going to worry.

Let this be a prediction for my entire summer. For my entire life. I will be happy, because I can make that decision even if I can’t affect anything else.

Whimsically, Whimsical Adventures,

(How whimsical have you been lately?… Yeah, I was reading SARK this morning… ;D I am succulent.)

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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

My foreign exchange student is leaving in two days. Well, she’s not really MINE; she lives around the corner with my Youth Minister and his family. I absolutely hate this whole “going” or “leaving” or “goodbye-saying” process, no matter what the circumstances are. I hate the sinking feeling of loss. I am SO glad that I have been lucky to build such a friendship with her, and even though it’s going to be hard to see her go I would not change this past several months for anything. I just start thinking about all of the goodbyes in my life when I start to let even just one sink in. I remember previous moves that friends have made, loss of pets, and deaths of loved ones. I sort of fall into this funk of “If it’s so easy for THIS to go away, what in the world is certain!?” Nothing. Nothing in this world is certain, as sure as I have hair today it could be gone tomorrow. The sky could be purple and gold when I wake up tomorrow morning. Something could go horribly wrong, and I could end up in a terrible accident.

“I am, a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind…”

Yet, I have something solid that grounds me. I have faith in something bigger than me. Like roots of a tree that stays forever, never faltering, even the strongest gales cannot shake it. The uncertainty of life reminds me of a greater certainty that I have. Even though it is hard to say goodbye, I will say it. I will say it because I would rather face the changes and live my life than hide from them and bury myself away. I have been there before too, and it is not a place I’d like to revisit.

I love you, sister. I will miss you. Write me. ❤ Come back to visit me. Smuggle me onto your plane. Who would miss me?

Happy Adventures,

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Sweet Adventure (via Memories Wide Open)

Check out these adorable photographs I took on Easter Sunday. 😀 Which one is your favorite? Let me know! Then, after you let me know, ask yourself “Why?” and examine the one you chose as your favorite. What does it make you feel? Do you feel anything? Are you encountering it, or are you recognizing it?

Sweet Adventure Due to a lack of timing I have decided to change up the format of this website, and I will no longer be including the statistics for the images unless I am specifically asked to do so about an image. Besides, it allows for more images in one post. 😉 … Read More

via Memories Wide Open

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Passion for a Hobby Can Start at Any Age!!

Thank you, Jeanne, for sharing this link! 😀 No matter what your hobbies are, no matter what your age is, you CAN do what you love. Never let anyone tell you that you are too young (or too old!). Pick up the pen, brush, camera, ballet slippers, crochet hooks, measuring spoons, seeds, roller blades, baseball glove, soccer ball, jump rope, needle and thread, or pillow (some people like taking naps!) and do what you love. Aside from doing what you already know you love, do not be afraid to try new things. You can never be sure what will happen until it already has.

Happy Adventures,

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