Giving Fear Permission to Leave

May 21, 2011 at 9:50 PM Leave a comment

I have learned over this weekend that something incredible happens when you acknowledge your fear, but you don’t hold onto it. You recognize that it is there, look it in the eye, and give it permission to leave. You can talk directly to your fears.

“Fear, do you mind if I call you Lucy? Okay, good. Lucy, you’ve been hanging around me for a long time now and I really think it would be best if you gave yourself a break. Surely you are tired of following me around and constantly reminding me of things I start to forget. I can remember well enough on my own, really. Besides, it won’t kill me if I forget a few of the things that you try so hard to remind me. Like last night, when I told you to go buy me a sandwich while I was performing in spontaneous karaoke. That was a much better use of your time, Lucy. Or how about today while I was falling backwards out of a 50-feet-high doorway and you were down helping my friend make sure she got the best pictures! Sometimes it is nice to have you around because you keep me from doing the really stupid things (like driving into a pond), but you don’t have to be with me all the time or when I am trying to tackle the little things. I have plenty of other friends to be there for me when I am struggling with those, so you really would do better to get a manicure instead.”

Your conversations with your own fears might be a little bit different, but you can still tell your fear to leave you alone. You can get past your own personal Lucy when she just seems to be standing in your way. Also, you don’t always have to climb over your fears… slipping under Lucy’s legs or slipping beside her works too, when you aren’t quite strong enough to go over her completely. Sometimes it is tempting to let Lucy hold your hand, staying in your safety net of fear, holding you back from new things.

Lucy and I get along much better now that I have told her I need some space to grow. I do a lot more than I would have when Lucy and I were constantly together. Lucy doesn’t make a very good karaoke partner, rappelling buddy, or blog editor. She does make a very good babysitter though, when she remembers not to pet the sweaty stuff. 😉

Happy Adventures,
Burkie (minus Lucy)

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