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A Photo Post: patience is the hardest virtue ever, sorry you are still waiting.

I am STILL (believe it or not) trying to organize everything that has happened since June 13th in such a way that I can actually blog about it. Well, I guess I could go ahead and blog about it haphazardly, but then you’d be confused/bored/re-reading a lot of the same story told different ways/really confused/etc. I’m trying to be friendly to your brains, so they don’t explode like mine.

Since my words are seeming to fail me, I at least wanted to upload a few photos. None of them were edited in any way, shape, or form and I uploaded them on my photography blog.

The photos are of my cousin and I, on June 17th after I waved goodbye to all of my friends/students. ❤ I still miss each and every one of my students. GOSH- this is so hard. Candee, why didn’t you tell me that it is so hard to get so close and then move on just like that? I don’t know how you did it so frequently… and you even spent LONGER getting to know your pupils/co-learners/friends. I think that (somehow) you inspire me even more now that I have had a taste of teaching.

When can I do it again?

on another note: please go view the photos. 🙂 I would appreciate it if you let me know what you think of them. everyone. anyone. someone. please. HA!
(self-destructive humor is what I live on, I think)

Happy Adventures,

P.S. For those who are waiting oh-so-patiently (I know who you are) I really am trying to get some more of my story from the class posted, as well as some images, paintings, etc. I cannot wait to share the project that we all made together in class! I LOVE TOGETHERNESS! Now my bed and I are gonna get together and share some dreams until I have to wake up for work. As soon as I walk myself home from the house I am dog-sitting at. I love borrowing vacationing friends’ wireless internet/electricity when our power is down. 


June 30, 2011 at 12:29 AM 4 comments

Apologies from The Crazy One

We says "HELLO!" ... "urm, rawr?" XD Homeschool Prom = Rockin'. Best Buddies!!

Life has been incredibly amazing lately, which also means that (unfortunately) I haven’t had very much time for blogging at all. I have been keeping track of all the things I want to blog though, so do not fear. Eventually I will have the time to sit down and organize all of this nonsense and create some amazing blogs for you all. Also, I am sorry to leave you hanging in the middle of LAST Friday. Yeah, that’s right, tomorrow marks a whole stinking week from the day that I am still frantically trying to tell you all about.

My brain is like a broken record, twisting, curving, repeating, skipping, scratching, clawing, … oh, wait, that sounds like an angry cat. My brain is like a broken-record-angry-cat-that-is-smiling-and-potentially-going-to-explode.

Past couple weeks = full of wonder and awesomeness. magical. still trying to catch up.

Tomorrow = voice lessons and a field trip (ha ha, sort of) to a musical FOR voice lessons (also sort of, mostly in my head) with my amazing voice lesson instructor person (shh… I don’t care if it’s a school musical, it’s still gonna be awesome).

Saturday/Sunday = work/clean/church/clean/meditate on past and future events/clean.

Today = worked and baked cake for a fundraiser happening tomorrow evening. Made mental note while at work to learn more about what the heck chakra really is, like, outside of the Naruto animated series.

Right now = ending this post and getting some much needed sleep. Appreciating Wabi-sabi. ❤ Realizing that together we can do ANYTHING. Getting a song stuck in my head that goes a long with that theme.


Happy Adventures,

June 23, 2011 at 11:28 PM 4 comments

Summer Solstice

Rain. Drum Circles. Natural Light Shows (lightning). Earthy Nature Trails. Fairy Wings. Dancing. Shouting. Freedom. ❤

Sorta represents last nights drum circle. The girl even looks like one of the girls dancing from last night!

Last night pretty much rocked. It’s like you could feel the magic. I don’t have pictures because I left my camera at home, since it was raining, but I found some online that I liked. I wish I could describe it with words.

There is something magical about people all coming together, friends and strangers, and celebrating something as simple yet complex as the longest day of the year. There is something magical about wearing fairy wings in public, and nobody giving you funny looks or asking you why. There is something magical about thinking that I am hungry and being offered something to eat (without saying I am hungry) by — no lies — the exact same woman who called me a fairy princess at Winter Solstice. There was something logical and not magical about politely turning her down because I’m a chicken who was raised to believe in Stranger Danger and watched too many Lifetime Movies. HOWEVER– it was still magical. It was magical that I remembered her face. Magical that we both showed up again. If she is at Winter Solstice I might just have to ask her name. Get rid of the whole “stranger” thing, y’know?

I seriously just happened upon this photo on Google, and the little girl is definitely wearing my fairy wings! :O AWESOME!

It was magical that it rained just enough to feel especially earthy and free, but not so much that by the time we were piling in my van we were all still basically dry. Magical.

Do you believe in magic? In a young girl’s heart? … where the music is groovy like an old time movie?

By the way, I want these shoes someday:

The shoes say "Journey is the Destination" all over them, which is just COOL. They are also totally vegan and made without the use of animal products.

Happy Adventures,

June 22, 2011 at 9:10 AM 2 comments

I Had and Awesome Friday: Part Two

another prom photo I took. I thought the tiara was fitting, y'know, with the certificates and all...

If you haven’t read part one of this blog post yet, PLEASE read this blog post.

So, over the course of my week from Monday to Friday I got to know 12 incredible people. Each one had their own style and talents, never ceasing to amaze or surprise me. I am still in awe at how brave and creative some of them are! I was so excited that I was able to hand out certificates to each one of them, that I had signed (seriously, this made me feel really official-like and amazing).

We listened to music, played name-that-tune, painted, tested new ideas, laughed a lot (mostly at me being ridiculous), and tried our best to remember each others names. The best part was the collaborative piece that we all worked on together. I actually ended up getting it matted, though it still isn’t framed. Every last one of us added something unique to a watercolor painting and we all signed it. That is something I learned from Art History, which is that so many people collaborated on art in the past but only one person got the credit for it because only one person signed it. I learned that when I do collaborations with people, I want everyone who painted/drew in it to be recognized. I am the lucky one that gets to keep it though!

I will have to take a photograph of it and show you all soon.

Stay tuned for the next installment, which will be SO full of photographs. 😀 Heeheehee…

Happy Adventures,

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Friday, Friday, Painted With Kids on Friday… :)

Oh, okay, so my jokes are terrible. I can accept that, because Friday was one of the most amazing days I have had in a while. This post is “I-Had-An-Awesome-Friday-Part-One.” There will probably be many installments.

a photograph that I took at prom, of flowers in front of a painting, at the end of last month.

It all started at the college where I was teaching some art techniques; I was facilitating a room full of kids, answering questions, painting/gluing/drawing a little myself, and developing a new capacity for love and understanding in myself and in those kids. Not just a love for art either. We are all so capable of kindness to each other, sharing what we’ve got. I hope that in my silliness their self-esteem was boosted. I could see it particularly in one little girl.

This child was one of the most amazing realists I have ever met in her age category. Probably even in the next couple age categories. I was a little jealous of her, because she was already so much better than I was when I was her age. But she thought that she was horrible at it. She was not. She was a perfectionist (like me!). She was oh-so-very detail oriented and the things that she realized even blew my mind. She was so hard on herself that first day (Monday), and while other kids went straight to work (including her little sister) she hesitated and stared at her paper. She was stuck. I knew the look in her eyes, and the sag to her shoulders– I had been there so many times before.

You see, back in the day (before I turned 16) I desperately wanted to be able to draw things realistically. I practiced and I practiced, but I was never good enough (in my opinion). When I finally got decent enough with drawing people, well, my backgrounds still looked like cartoons. I was so mad at myself most of the time when I was creating my art. Instead of relaxing me like it should have, it tensed me up. I still loved it, I still craved it, but I was never relaxing into my art. The only times I could really relax into what I was doing was if I just let go and let the materials I was working with lead me. That is probably why I love working with watercolor as much as I do now.

I told her not to believe her inner critics, instead she should tell them to go get her a pencil sharpener. She looked at me like I was crazy, laughed, but she started to work at something. Several times throughout that first day, while I was walking around offering smiles to the classroom, I would see her erasing her paper vigorously. She had yet to turn the page, and many others were on page 3 or 4.

At long last by the end of our time she proudly had this incredible painting of a tree, with leaves that took my breath away and a dark black sky.

Everyone had so much amazing work, but I was so proud of this tree. This tree had a story too, and it was more than just a tree. It was also a dragon. This little girl’s art spoke to me that first day, and each one of these students found their own special way to touch my heart.

Stick around for the next installment! 😀 It is only gonna get better.

Happy Adventures,

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Stuck. (via mybeautifulobsession)

I believe that many people can relate to this bloggers post, and this is my personal response to her blog post:

Lately I feel like I’m at this horrible place, called The Brink. It’s that moment when you are torn– you know you can do it, you think. If only you could just reach a little further you could grab that handhold, and maybe slip off of it and be in a worse place than you’re at. That moment when you think “What do I have to lose?” and society says “NOTHING,” oh-so-loudly but you say “SO MUCH,” and it just keeps haunting you.

When the reward is uncertain, the failure is ever-present, and the climb is so hard. Yet, you’ve already made it to The Brink and you do not want it to be a wasted trip. When your dreams are so split that you barely know which one you want anymore, so you’re trying too hard to cling to both but not really buying either one. The simple exhaustion of not being able to make up your mind. Stuck.

On the other hand, my art has really been blossoming.

You should go read this post of Jade’s.

It's like being in limbo, not quite here yet not quite there. It's that feeling of frustrated restlessness, that desperate desire to move forward, but with every step I take, I get pushed back to where I started from. It's almost as if I'm walking around in a maze that only goes around in circles -_-. You know those spinning teacups that you ride in amusement parks and carnivals, and that crazy dizziness that comes after you get off? Yeah, that's … Read More

via mybeautifulobsession

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The Best Day EVER. :)


You are so amazing. You are more than just my cousin– you are also my friend, and I love you dearly. ❤ It's a shame we don't live closer, but I loved our visit today and all the crazy pictures we took of our wild adventures. You're totally gorgeous, which is obviously a family trait because I am too. And just look at Granny! She's got the best smile EVER!

Thank you for taking this stellar photo of me; I took creative liberties and edited it. That makes it a collaboration right? I love it when other people know how to use my camera.

Your (Favorite) Cousin.


I will be posting lots of pictures of this day sometime soon, and will probably be blogging more than once about it because SO much happened. It was also the last day of the Skills Camp that I was teaching at, and I have loads of things to share about that too. Holy cow! I can't believe that this has all happened in one incredible day.

I love my life.

Happy Adventures,

June 17, 2011 at 11:23 PM 2 comments

Passion Flower: A Portrait of a Girl (Art! Art! Art!)

"Passion Flower" by Heather - Watercolor, Sakura Microns, Copic Markers, HB #2 pencil, Watercolor Paper. ❤

I was sketching while listening to music this evening (I couldn’t shake the doodlebug all day at work today!) and this is what came out of my pencil and escaped the bristles of my brush. 🙂 I love it! It is loosely based on Kerli… probably because a good chunk of the music I was listening to while drawing it was by her, or reminded me of her. I had her on my brain, I guess. Only took about an hour, give or take ten minutes.

Happy Adventures,

June 16, 2011 at 11:12 PM 3 comments

Michelle Monique

This photographer/designer/artist amazes me! She is very close to my age and so full of talent. She is chasing her dreams and doing what she wants to be doing. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I stumbled upon her work, because I love how she manipulates her photographs and turns them into pieces of art (something that I like to do as well). She ignores the rules that say what photography is or isn’t. She combines artistic talent, crafty design, style, and personality in her art. I always thought it would be really cool to do this for designing book covers!

Anyway, you should check her out because she inspires me a lot. I was already trying to do things she did before I came across her anyway.

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Today, Adventures Begin

Many people across the country are waking up this morning and thinking, “It’s another Monday, here we go.”

Not me. I’m thinking, “Okay, it’ actually Monday, the day is here. I can do this. Here we go!”

Today is the day I try something new (aside from the usual new stuff)– I am going to be teaching this week. I also know that I am not the only one starting something new.

There are two sides to starting something new: Side A = Exciting whereas Side B = Terrifying. A lot of people try to stick to Side A (I know, because even I usually try my best to focus on the exciting parts). But honestly, I’ve let myself become aware of Side B. I know that it’s a little scary, things may not work out perfectly. It’s going to be different. I’m going to give my all (that is always frightening, no matter what). I might end up not having everything I need.

But if I choose to love, if I do my best and go all in, those kids in there will have so much fun.

If I remember to love before fear, or in this case love in spite of fear, the people around me will feel it resonate. It will buzz through every room I enter, every hallway I pass through, every hug that I give. I love to hug people.

Whatever your adventures might be today, remember to love, love, love, LOVE, love and everything else will fall into place.

Happy Adventures,

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