My Sims Addiction: Admitting My Nerdiness

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My favorite sim right now, Katelyn Granger (Katie), in the creation stages. She's maxed her writing skill, published multiple hits and best-sellers, is working on a "masterpiece" and is a professional author. 😀 I don't live vicariously at all...

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I am hopelessly addicted to The Sims. Currently it is The Sims 3 that I use, but I started “simming” when I was 10 years old with the original Sims. I ended up owning “The Sims Complete Collection” and I played it all the time. Seriously, I learned a lot about time management from that original game and it’s expansion packs. When I bought The Sims 2 it was such a huge jump that I seriously never turned back. I didn’t even remember the skill set I had developed for just plain ol’ “The Sims”. I had moved on.

Well, I played The Sims 2 and each new expansion pack for a really long time– the problem with it was that I grew addicted to using cheat codes so I got bored with the game very quickly because the so-called goals that I had set (knowing I would cheat to get there) were reached too quickly. I stopped playing as much, but I still bought all of the expansions because I could play for a little longer before I got bored again. I used to draw my sims, write stories about them, and basically give them even more depth than they already had in the real game.

Enter The Sims 3. My life was changed, I didn’t know any cheat codes and I actually enjoyed the gameplay again. Even though I stopped using custom content and I didn’t like how the sims on the new game looked at first compared to the sims on The Sims 2 I loved the game so much more. I guess that just goes to show that looks aren’t as important! Besides, the views on this whole new world were beautiful. Watching the sun set over the beach is something that still takes my breath away sometimes, even on this computer game. Even better, I had more creativity with creating my sims which has always been my favorite part! I could choose very distinctive hair colors; even as detailed as root, base, highlights and tips. I had skintone sliders. Muscle tone sliders. OH JOY! Skinny, fat, skinny, fat. I was in HEAVEN. Not to mention that there were loads of fun, negative, and amazing personality traits to choose from making every sim that much more unique.

You really could build a little online community, with no loading screens between your sim’s home and the public park, library, school, work, etc.

I know that I am probably geeking out, but I am especially excited today. 🙂 I haven’t played The Sims much at all this year, only three or four times, and this has been the longest I have gotten to dive into it since mid-2010. I was one of those kids that loved to play house, so The Sims just really suited me (and still does).

I even created some sims to resemble my favorite characters from the movie Chocolat:

The Sims is something I will always be involved with, because like my art and writing these characters are little extensions of myself. I build them, create them, fulfill their wishes and dreams, make sure their needs are met, give them depth and background. Maybe I’ll share some of my Sims stories someday, in another blog. 😉 That could be fun! I do love writing the stories of their lives…

Katie and her husband Dom (Dominic) had their first child several sim days ago, and they named him Avery. He is now a toddler, and quite the bundle of joy! I am excited to see the trajectory of his story!! One of my FAVORITE things about The Sims 3 is the Family Tree that shows you all of their lineage. 😀 It even recognizes step-fathers and uncles and stuff!!!


Will Avery look less like a girl when he gets older?

Happy Adventures,


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