Friday, Friday, Painted With Kids on Friday… :)

June 19, 2011 at 1:08 PM 1 comment

Oh, okay, so my jokes are terrible. I can accept that, because Friday was one of the most amazing days I have had in a while. This post is “I-Had-An-Awesome-Friday-Part-One.” There will probably be many installments.

a photograph that I took at prom, of flowers in front of a painting, at the end of last month.

It all started at the college where I was teaching some art techniques; I was facilitating a room full of kids, answering questions, painting/gluing/drawing a little myself, and developing a new capacity for love and understanding in myself and in those kids. Not just a love for art either. We are all so capable of kindness to each other, sharing what we’ve got. I hope that in my silliness their self-esteem was boosted. I could see it particularly in one little girl.

This child was one of the most amazing realists I have ever met in her age category. Probably even in the next couple age categories. I was a little jealous of her, because she was already so much better than I was when I was her age. But she thought that she was horrible at it. She was not. She was a perfectionist (like me!). She was oh-so-very detail oriented and the things that she realized even blew my mind. She was so hard on herself that first day (Monday), and while other kids went straight to work (including her little sister) she hesitated and stared at her paper. She was stuck. I knew the look in her eyes, and the sag to her shoulders– I had been there so many times before.

You see, back in the day (before I turned 16) I desperately wanted to be able to draw things realistically. I practiced and I practiced, but I was never good enough (in my opinion). When I finally got decent enough with drawing people, well, my backgrounds still looked like cartoons. I was so mad at myself most of the time when I was creating my art. Instead of relaxing me like it should have, it tensed me up. I still loved it, I still craved it, but I was never relaxing into my art. The only times I could really relax into what I was doing was if I just let go and let the materials I was working with lead me. That is probably why I love working with watercolor as much as I do now.

I told her not to believe her inner critics, instead she should tell them to go get her a pencil sharpener. She looked at me like I was crazy, laughed, but she started to work at something. Several times throughout that first day, while I was walking around offering smiles to the classroom, I would see her erasing her paper vigorously. She had yet to turn the page, and many others were on page 3 or 4.

At long last by the end of our time she proudly had this incredible painting of a tree, with leaves that took my breath away and a dark black sky.

Everyone had so much amazing work, but I was so proud of this tree. This tree had a story too, and it was more than just a tree. It was also a dragon. This little girl’s art spoke to me that first day, and each one of these students found their own special way to touch my heart.

Stick around for the next installment! 😀 It is only gonna get better.

Happy Adventures,


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