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Bravery is Something that can be Asked For

You should listen to this song while reading this post. I don’t know why.

Bravery is like a quiet light, alone in the darkness.

You can ask for bravery. You can also demand that bravery come to you, but I much prefer asking– it’s more pleasant.

“Bravery, will you please visit me tonight? Thank you.”

It’s Karaoke Night. I’m going to need it in large doses.

Happy Adventures,


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Grand Adventures Start with a Step

Lately I have been torn between thinking that anything is possible or nothing matters. These are two extremes, but I find myself facing them daily.

I have come to my own conclusion that grand adventures start with small, humble steps. You would never be able to reach the top of Mt. Everest if you never humbled yourself enough to start at the bottom, or even start by hiking on relatively level ground to develop stamina.

You would never stumble upon the most amazing pizza parlor an hour drive from home if you didn’t first make the decision to travel there.

Many great adventures come with great obstacles– you will face them head on, you will back away from them until you can think of how to overcome them, you will find ways to sneak around some, and others you will have help from friends to demolish.

Sometimes to get to that pizza you have to help a friend get new tires. 🙂

Sometimes, when you’re lost in the jungle of a new city, you stumble onto something that is just right for you. It is exactly what you need to see. It is an art gallery.

Sometimes, when you sign up for their newsletter and the paper asks for “Artists you like: …” you put down the names of friends. 😉 If you get any unexpected searches on Google, it might be my fault. Ha ha!

Sometimes your friends ask the lady running the gallery how they determine what art to showcase. Sometimes the ladies are a little snooty and say “Oh, we’re veeery selective,” and they have poodles named Zhou Zhou.

Sometimes that is enough to make you laugh for hours, and you almost want to erase your friend’s names from the artists you like because they are FAR greater than that place ever will be.

Sometimes you spend an hour calculating how to make it as an artist, your friend as your agent. You talk about blogging, tweeting, networking, and finally just creating your art and continuing to share it with the world because the rest will come.

Sometimes you have such a great day, full of adventure, that you simply cannot help but share it with others. Sometimes your preferred method is blogging.

Usually your preferred method is in-person conversations, but by the time you see people the next day you’re onto the next adventures.

Speaking of that…

Happy Adventures,

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Daisy is the cutest dog…and Aida is pretty cute too.

Maybe I could have a video blog post sometime… instead of typing it. OR BOTH. I could type the words below the video. Maybe I’m insane… ;p

Enjoy this very sweet video, a video that I watch often. AIDA! I LOVE YOU, SISTER!

Happy Adventures,

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Self Portrait 😉 7/24/11

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Oh, this makes me smile… :)

I’ve been watching this video for quite a few years now, and just decided to post it on my blog when I thought of it again. The first time my mom watched it I thought she was going to die laughing as she walked into my bedroom trying to tell me that I needed to come and watch something.

NOTE: I have been both educated at home, and educated in the public school system. Each have their pros and cons, and I am not against either of them.

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The Marvelous Messy Middle

Sometimes the most marvelous part about the marvelous messy middle happens while you are looking for the marvelous. You see the mess, you feel stuck in the middle, and you’re actively seeking the marvelous. Suddenly, it finds you! The way that someone smiles; the way you laugh after a long, hard cry; eating an ice cream cone at work and singing happy birthday to a beautiful and kind co-worker. Having the lowest score on the team after a game of bowling, but having such a great time that you don’t mind.

There’s something incredible about how good you feel after you have been sitting in the mud, or walking through puddles.

I’m putting the mud puddles behind me for now, and I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine.

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Misguided Ghosts

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