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Selling my art.

I am considering selling some of my artwork, but I have no idea where to begin. There are so many different ways to do it! I am thinking of creating an Etsy account to sell some art stuff, possibly even having some local exhibits. We’ll see where things go, I guess. ALSO, I am considering (wait for it, *deep breath*, I am closing my eyes) doing commissions, but only on a very limited basis and I still have to figure more stuff out first. Just testing the water a little, seeing if I’ll sink or if there is a chance I’ll swim.

I don’t know yet if I want to be the artist who paints what other people tell me I should paint, but I do know that I love art and I want to be an artist. If that means that I will have to paint some things for other people along the way, I just might do it.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information!!

Happy Adventures,

(P.S. I might end up becoming a model. O_O I know, I’m as shocked as you are! I’ll keep you posted!)


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My piano.

This is my lovely, beautiful, magical piano. The first one we ever owned. My parents bought it for me when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and I swoon over it to this day. I took lessons for about 3 years before I quit, and that is probably one of my only regrets. If I had kept taking lessons, I would be a wonderful piano player, probably even composing heartbreaking melodies that have thousands of views on YouTube. Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t be the case but I sure wouldn’t be kicking myself over it right now. I wouldn’t be straining desperately to re-learn what I knew, and teach myself things I never learnt.

The thing is, I love playing the piano. Even if it’s not a real song. I could just stroke those ivory keys for hours, day in and day out, losing myself in the far off fantasy world that it takes me to. This piano is like my magic carpet. I am transported around the world and back again. I am flying so high while I play it that nobody can touch me, or bring me down. Then I make a mistake, my fingers slip onto the wrong key, and it’s a downward spiral. A rush of adrenaline and I quickly find my way back to the proper note before crashing onto the ground. Again, I rise into a heavenly bliss.

I am selling this piano. I need the money, and I can find an affordable portable grand that I will love just as much (maybe) while still having money left over to pay for school. Maybe I’ll have to sell some artwork too, but this is something I know I can sell for sure. Maybe this is why I’ve been playing 20 times a day for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s because I know soon another budding pianist will be gingerly caressing the soft and slightly worn ivories… mmm… I hope that this shining piece of musical abandon brings them as much joy as it has brought me. That is all I can hope for.

Happy Adventures,

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A couple of sketches of mine…

I don’t have a reference picture for this one, because it’s a sketch of one of my OCs (original characters). She’s new so I don’t have a name for her yet or anything. She’s kinda laid-back and bubbly, with a casual style. I am not finished with this one for sure, and I’ll probably work on it some more another day.

Worked on the above image for about an hour in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with my Wacom tablet… don’t know if I’m going to do anything else to it or not. Just a study. Trees and landscapes are SO hard for me!!! Based on the image below:

click the image to see the original photographer's page for it

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We are all heroes. We all change lives.

I am a firm believer that our choices affect the world. I believe that our actions and words matter. This makes me believe, that if we make a choice to show kindness and love, we are heroes. All of us.

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Growing up is hard to do. Quiet or loud.

Lately people have been saying to me, “Gee, you’re pretty quiet Heather,” and I am concerned. I am concerned because I am not used to hearing that. Am I just simply settling into myself, or am I changing my outgoing and trusting nature to that of a more subdued and hesitant person because of life events? People who knew me before the quiet phase are also concerned. Particularly ones that I haven’t seen in a while.

They ask me if I am okay. They sometimes ask me if I am upset with them. Can’t a girl change things about herself? Especially things that she’s grown up hearing complaints about? That she is becoming self-concious about, maybe a little.

Sometimes I feel totally comfortable and at ease, but I just don’t feel like I have anything to say anymore. Other times, I talk people’s ears off but I can’t figure out why. I am still the same person that I have always been, I’m just choosing that I’d rather be the person that people actually listen to. I want to be the person that when people hear her speak, they stop and pay attention because surely it’s going to have value. I don’t want to be the girl that rambles on so much that even her own mother tunes her out multiple times in a day.

Does this need to be heard that is causing me to speak less mean I am growing up a little, or does it mean I am falling prey to a childish fear that I am not enough simply how I am? I find it ironic that I am being quieter because I want people to hear me. I don’t want to annoy people into a state of “Oh, it’s just Heather, I don’t really have to pay attention.

I am tired of feeling like I push people away with my incessant blabbering. But I can’t always keep it in. Sometimes I don’t feel like it should be kept in, and I want to scream it out at people. Now I am stuck in the middle. Have I gone to far? Will I swing back the other way? Should I just cut out my tongue and carry paper and a pen at all times? Okay, that is a little ridiculous, even for me.

Growing up is hard to do. Especially when you don’t ever want to lose your inner child. Especially when you are me, and you promised yourself you never would. Can I succesfully hold onto both of my selves? My growing self and my childish self? My pure self and my tainted self? Can I be naive while still having common sense? Can I be completely honest while protecting my privacy?

Is any of this going to matter?

There goes that “Is … going to matter?” phrase that I hate so much again. Goodness gracious, of course whatever it is matters. You matter, I matter, whatever we say or do or think, good or bad, matters. But sometimes I trick myself into believe none of this matters. I trick myself into believing that nothing ever has mattered or ever will matter. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one tricking myself into thinking this way, and then I know that I am not. Other people trick themselves into believing this too.

 I have to push through this because I have people (even if I don’t always realize it) who either already are, or will someday be, looking up to my decisions and actions. They may even believe them to be some great choices, whether they are or not. There could be people who will grow up, and they will weigh my choices and actions alongside their own thoughts and form opinions based on all sorts of factors. Many of these factors will have little or nothing to do with me, but some of them might.

I don’t want to risk somebody else believing that nothing matters because I act like nothing matters, or because I say that nothing matters. Sure, there are moments I might believe it to be true– then I think about all of the people who have mattered to me, without even realizing it. All of the names and faces that I could talk about, in varying details, who have changed my life in big and small ways. People who often don’t even know they’re doing it. Sometimes, they couldn’t tell you anything about me.

I have to own up to the fact that I don’t live in a bubble, where no one will ever see what I do or hear what I say.

This always brings me back full circle, to wondering if it matters that I am quiet or talkative. Does it? I’ll probably never know. The crazy thing is that just about every single person I come into contact with will know, and I still don’t get to know.

Happy Adventures,

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Wings of Life: a TED Presentation

This short video simply took my breath away. The cinematography is brilliant, most of which (if not all of it) is time-lapse photography if I had to guess. What I want to know upon watching this is where on earth he found so many butterflies at one time! I will go there and bathe in the sun in a sundress with my beautiful butterfly friends. Then I will sketch, take photographs, daydream, dance, and sing. I will probably never want to leave. The bats were also completely incredible, and I was absorbed. I have always had a thing for bats. And the hummingbirds! OH, the hummingbirds!

Don’t mind me, I’m just going to watch this again in full screen mode.

Happy Adventures,

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I am such a perfectionist, I swear… geez. Anyway, here is what I am calling (for the moment) the finished digital media portrait of Dia Frampton. I should get some sleep because I am going back to work tomorrow (HUZZAH!!! :D) and I am gonna be exhausted.

These are the steps:

Oh shoot, this just made me realize I accidentally deleted the layer with her eyelashes and I’ll have to draw those again. I guess I’m waiting until tomorrow night to do that. I’ve already spent two evenings and 6.5 hours on this. My eyes are crossing just thinking about it!!

Happy Adventures,

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I’m doing that stay-up-all-night-to-practice-drawing thing again.

Well, it’s 2am but I don’t care because I am working on a project that I am really excited about! I am practicing more portrait drawings (digital media), grayscale value studies, anatomy of the face, etc. etc. etc. This stuff is so hard, and it is taking me ages, but I am really starting to get it I think. The more I do these, the better I grasp it. I’ve spent about 3 hours working on this so far:

Those are two screenshots of the steps I’ve done so far. Oh geez, this is gonna take a while. If only I could get into traditional portraits like this… and have such “layering/erasing” capabilities. 😛

This is the original reference photo:

Goodness, Dia Frampton is so amazing. I saw this beautiful picture and I just had to use it. I can’t help it, she inspires me. Well, that and I’ve been listening to Meg&Dia CDs every day since Christmas. 😉 More amusing still is that I am doing this for fun, and it isn’t for class. My classes are in traditional media… I don’t even know if this would count or not, but I don’t need it to.

Happy Adventures,

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I’m Tweeting (Yikes!)

  • So, I started going by my middle name in college because I've always liked it better. Now I'm Renée, and can be tweeted at "teafaellana." 8 years ago
  • I keep reading fanfics to tide me over until #OUaT is back. I can't wait to see more character development of Regina! #EvilRegals 8 years ago
  • This has somehow been the best and worst Thanksgiving I've ever had, all at once. 9 years ago

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