My piano.

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This is my lovely, beautiful, magical piano. The first one we ever owned. My parents bought it for me when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and I swoon over it to this day. I took lessons for about 3 years before I quit, and that is probably one of my only regrets. If I had kept taking lessons, I would be a wonderful piano player, probably even composing heartbreaking melodies that have thousands of views on YouTube. Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t be the case but I sure wouldn’t be kicking myself over it right now. I wouldn’t be straining desperately to re-learn what I knew, and teach myself things I never learnt.

The thing is, I love playing the piano. Even if it’s not a real song. I could just stroke those ivory keys for hours, day in and day out, losing myself in the far off fantasy world that it takes me to. This piano is like my magic carpet. I am transported around the world and back again. I am flying so high while I play it that nobody can touch me, or bring me down. Then I make a mistake, my fingers slip onto the wrong key, and it’s a downward spiral. A rush of adrenaline and I quickly find my way back to the proper note before crashing onto the ground. Again, I rise into a heavenly bliss.

I am selling this piano. I need the money, and I can find an affordable portable grand that I will love just as much (maybe) while still having money left over to pay for school. Maybe I’ll have to sell some artwork too, but this is something I know I can sell for sure. Maybe this is why I’ve been playing 20 times a day for the past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s because I know soon another budding pianist will be gingerly caressing the soft and slightly worn ivories… mmm… I hope that this shining piece of musical abandon brings them as much joy as it has brought me. That is all I can hope for.

Happy Adventures,


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A couple of sketches of mine… Selling my art.

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