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Well, somehow in the midst of all the changes I have discovered that not much has changed. Wait, what did you say now, Heather? That’s right, not much has changed. My hair is still dirty-blonde. My eyes are still blue. I still live on a street named after a secondary color. I still have the same first, middle, and last name. My favorite color is still all of them, but mostly purple.” I still dislike drawing still lifes. I still love meeting new people. I still love my job. I still believe in Creation. I still write all-the-freaking time. I still sketch floating eyes/mouths/noses. I still can’t seem to develop a typical sleeping pattern. I still love pasta. I still love my friends.

Here’s what’s new: I have been going to a different church lately, probably because I needed a change of pace somewhere and there isn’t much about my life that I can change outside of that. I am going to be involved in Student Government (wait, what!?). The bathroom in my house is being redone. The carpet in the living room is gone. My secret place in the backyard (the really cool one with tall overgrown grasses and shrubbery and a bench) has been torn out (without my knowing). We might be getting rid of a vehicle that we’ve owned for longer than I can recall. I’m moving to the basement this summer. I have an illustration commission/job. I have a gig drawing caricatures. I reactivated my Facebook. Some of my friends are new. I have a goal to get into Antioch College in Fall of 2013. I’ve gone since September 2011 without coffee.

Happy Adventures,


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Eleven Questions I’ve Answered

Starrlife tagged me in this meme, and I am SO excited! Without further ado, let me answer these bad boys:

1) What is a favorite memory from childhood?

Well, I have a lot of favorite memories… and sometimes I feel like “my childhood” wasn’t all that long ago. Sometimes I feel like I am still living in it. To make things simpler, I’m going to say “before I was twelve”. If I had to choose a favorite memory from before my teen years though, something that I remember not from photographs or stories, it would have to be the day the my Grammie and my Great Aunt Joanne took me to watch the Nutcracker. I’d gone to see the ballet many times with various people, my Grammie always the one to bring us all– and I was always there –but there was something special about that day. It’s fuzzy, and probably blended with a lot of other things, but I can remember the hot chocolate, the city rushing by, the smiles on my grandmother’s and her youngest sister’s face. Just the good old day, y’know? Before family drama started to get in the way of everything, before Grammie had a stroke…

2) If you could go anywhere in the world for a week where would you go?

This is a hard question to answer, because to me I feel like a week may never be long enough. Also, I’m not so much “destination bound” as I am “adventure bound.” If I knew that I would be completely safe, I would probably go to Kyrgyzstan to see Aida and just walk and live off of the kindness of others for a week. I would just take it all in, and enjoy beauty. I would see how far I could get.

3) Some of your favorite two colors together/next to each other?

Purple and yellow. Definitely. Without question.

4) What famous person would you like to spend time with, doing what?

😉 Ha ha…to me fame is just an idea, and I feel like I already know plenty of famous people. Or rather, “famous-to-me” people. I would have to say Judith Light, Martina McBride, or Dia Frampton. Singing, laughing, talking, walking, hugging. Basically just getting to know each other.

5) Why did you start blogging?

Well, long ago, back in the beginning before “A Girl Undiscovered” was born, I did it because I thought it was cool. I wanted to be the next big thing, and besides, I love writing. It never could stick around though. I always gave up on my blogs after just a few posts. Then I started my first college class, and I had so much to talk about and I just found myself creating a blog again. I blogged, and blogged, and this time it was just for me. I did it because it felt right, because I wanted to, not because I thought it would make me cool. Turns out, I learned a lot from that… this is the longest I have ever stuck with a blog– and also the most visitors I’ve ever gotten on a blog as well. Just goes to show that doing something because you love it is more important than doing something because you think you should… 

6) What is your astrological sign and what trait can you most relate to/reject?

Which one? I have two! My western astrological sign is Leo, and my eastern is Goat. I will cover both. LEO: I most relate to this feeling of loyalty/warmth/protection that are supposedly characteristics of a Leo. I feel myself striving to protect and give off warmth, all while sticking with the people who support me. I reject the traits of immodesty/promiscuity. I am very, very modest. Very. GOAT: I most relate to the characteristics of whimsy/sensitivity/lack of foresight/worry. I reject the trait of tardiness. I hate being late, so I try oh-so-very hard not to be, and I usually succeed at being on time. An interesting quote about the Leo/Goat combination from Suzanne White’s “The New Astrology” is:

The Lion has the ephemeral spirit of an artist and the ambition of two Napoleon Bonapartes. It is just this mix of sensitivity and resolve that makes for the Leo/Goat’s uncanny ability, despite fuzzy appearances and general lunacy, to arrive smack in the middle of the spotlight. …

7) Who was your best friend when you were in elementary school, tell us about them?

Well, I acutually had three. K, B, and Annie. K & B were my best friends in the early years. K and I were friends in the womb, attending each other’s first birthday parties. We stayed friends throughout much of elementary school, and even though we don’t see each other often are still friends. We did a lot of things together, and were in the same Girl Scout troop for a really long time. B & I met in Girl Scouts when she joined our troop, and the three of us became a group of friends, all three having August birthdays (K and B were born on the same day!). Somewhere along the line, I met Annie and we actually weren’t friends for a while. B moved to Utah, and one day I yelled at Annie for walking through my backyard on her way home to school. She asked to use the bathroom and we were immediate best friends, near inseperable ever since. She’s practically my sister, and no distance or time can ever change that. It’s already been proven, multiple moves and schools later.

8) Describe your most transcendent experience?

I have been lucky to have many, but the most recent and most memorable (even though I have forgotten what it actually felt like up there) was singing Amazing Grace completely accapella with no prior planning in front of a group of strangers and one friend.

  b.(of a concept) falling outside a given set of categories
  c.beyond consciousness or direct apprehension
3. theol (of God) having continuous existence outside the created world
4. free from the limitations inherent in matter

This moment was without a doubt incredibly breathtaking, and I can hardly remember actually being on that stage. I just remember the rush, the feeling of adrenaline, pushing through the nerves and the fear and giving in to the emotions of the moment. I remember everyone standing, to my disbelief, and applauding. I remember tears streaming down my face as I left the stage in a hurry, desperate sobs as I found my friend and opened my arms for a hug. I remember people asking if they could take my picture, asking my name, asking my age. I remember being completely overwhelmed, wondering what had actually gone on to cause this because it could not possible have been “me.” I have sung before a few times, and never gotten this sort of reaction before. It was beyond my control… totally transcending any experience I have ever had.

9) What was the first book that you ever remember reading?

Bridge to Terebithia or Afternoon of the Elves. Don’t remember which one…

10) How popular were you in high school?

Um, depends on where I was, who I was with. In my homewtown with my peers in soccer, 4-H, softball, etc. etc. I don’t think I was exactly popular. Even though I had a lot of friends, none of my friends were in the “popular” crowd at school. I mean, I didn’t even go to public high school, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that I wasn’t one of the in crowd. I went to the dances and I was active in the community, and it was as if I never really knew where I belonged but I always knew who I didn’t belong with because some girls made it very clear to me. I am very grateful for my friends though, and I wouldn’t trade them for a ticket into the popular crowd.

Then there were the homeschoolers that I knew from various surrounding communites. We would often get together and do things that were educational or fun, or both. I never really felt like there was a popular crowd with any of those groups because we all just accepted each other… but looking back now, and realizing that many of them knew who I was when I didn’t know who they were, I think I may have been popular among them. That, or ridiculously forgetful. I suppose people talked about me and my art and photography among that group, because they felt that I was talented and that created a reputation that exceeded myself. I don’t really know… I just tried to spend time with everyone, because they are/were so unique and friendly and talented. Really, they are/were a really good group of caring people.

11) Do you prefer white painted walls or colors?

Colors. I don’t like how all of our walls are just plain off-white, I seriously wish there were some color… it would remind me of something. Something grand. Beautiful. Individual but connected.


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Facebook: I’m Back.

So, you may or may not remember when I deleted my Facebook. It was refreshing to give up the addiction, but I’ve decided that I am reactivating my account. There are good things about Facebook, despite my complaints.

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Whose Am I?

It is finally, truly, sinking in. I am always waving “Be Yourself” around on banners and flags and then later will sit asking, “Who Am I?” and try to fit the pieces together within myself with hardly any outward perspective. I always end up looking from the inside out to try to figure this out. Now, I’ve been exposed to this idea of “Whose Am I?” before, in little doses at a time. For example, church hymns or songs, maybe a sermon or two. I’ve seen it in works of art, such as this collage page in a traveling journal by Candee Basford.

Yesterday I showed up at the college to talk to my professor, and was surprised to find that they were having a Ladies Tea there. I mean, I suppose that I actually did know about it but I ruled it out because it was on a Wednesday and I am always busy with class and work on Wednesday. Turns out, it’s the end of the quarter, Heather darling, there was no class for this particular Wednesday. I decided to show up anyway, courtesy of my “End of the Quarter Blues.”

Even more shocking was that Candee Basford was the speaker, and (go figure) she was there! I had missed her but between knowing how busy she was and how busy I was, I was afraid our schedules were always clashing so I hadn’t made an attempt to call her in a while. Needless to say I was happy to see her, and to be able to stay a little bit for her speech. This tea was to honor a very special lady, named Mary Ayres. Now, I personally do not know her, but she has an incredible story that you can read because she’s now written a book about it; In His Hands.

I remember sitting and listening intently to Candee’s presentation, and being amazed. I was amazed at the effect that Mary had on Candee, when Candee began attending the college. I was amazed at some interesting similarities to my own college beginning, though I was an entirely different breed of non-traditional student than Candee was. Then, while I was allowing that to really soak in, Candee began to talk about other women who have affected her life. She began to talk about discovering yourself, but in doing that you need to discover the people around you.

I began thinking about the people in my own life, and some of my family and friends formed themselves strongly into this “idea” of “who I am.” Some people aren’t even actively in my life anymore, but there is no denying that they have shaped me. I also began thinking of this show that my mom and I watched once, about genealogy, called Who Do You Think You Are?

Oh goodness, I loved that show! I loved that show because I love history, and finding things out about the past. I loved that show because I loved watching people connect their family ties and compare their lives to find their differences and similarities. I realize, I loved that show because it was all about this one little question of, “Whose Are You?”

Then I began thinking about my family tree, and I realized there is a lot I don’t know about my family. There is a lot that I want, or maybe even need, to know. My maternal grandfather died when my mother was 4 or 5. Other than that the only thing I know about him was that his name was Leon, he would be 91 if he were still alive today, and he may or may not have been in a war. I haven’t even seen a picture of him, and my own mother doesn’t even know much about him because she was so young when he died. I don’t know how much of an effect that this man has, or even has had, on my life just by being my grandfather. I don’t know if I would be any different were he still alive today, or if I had grown up knowing more about him. I don’t know, but right now I don’t know much about him at all anyway. Maybe even if my mother had been able to grow up with a father that wasn’t Mr. Brady or Michael Landon.

I was also reading a blog the other day, about needing to truly love yourself before you can love others. I guess I’ve got a long way to go before I start figuring out “Whose Am I?” and “Who Am I?”

That’s okay. It’s worth it. I’m worth it.

Happy Adventures,

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End of the Quarter Blues (Change vs. Control)

The end of the quarter is very near, and I am just a little distraught about it. I don’t know why I’m always so sad to see the quarter go. Is it because I’ve grown attached to my classmates and professors and I don’t want to lose touch with them? Is it because I feel like I still have so much to learn? So much to prove? Is it because I just don’t really like change all that much in general?

That last question is a really tough one for me, because I love spontaneity, and quite frankly I tend to force change into my life because I get anxious. I develop a fear that my life will become stagnant and I begin to almost crave something new. I move furniture around in my room, I get rid of stuff, I chop my hair into a new style, I drop an old habit (soda, coffee, etc.), I throw myself into a new activity, direction, friendship, or dream.

For somebody who hates change, I go to great efforts to make change happen in my life. Then I think about it. I don’t really like change– I like control. The quarter ending, no matter what, is something I cannot change. I cannot control. I love change I can control. I hate change that I can’t. The reason I get the itch to change after periods of time is probably because I feel like, maybe just maybe, if I make change in my life then the change that is inevitably coming won’t seem quite as hard to swallow.

So, maybe the real reason that the end of the quarter bothers me so much is that I have absolutely no control over it. I can’t just make a quick change and say, “Oh, I changed the length of the quarter to one more/less week.” It is what it is, and I have to deal with that.

Happy Adventures,

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I Must Truly Be an Artist

So, one of my incredibly talented friends from art class drew this animated version of me, and I love it. Apparently she sees me as someone who loves to paint and wields really big paint-brush-swords to fend off scary things! YEAH! ❤

Happy Adventures,

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Somebody That I Used To Know

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